Deciphering the Macedonian Struggle

"Deciphering the Macedonian Struggle"

Hidden messages and well-kept secrets are just waiting to be deciphered. By solving riddles and puzzles, the children discover all the areas of the museum, wearing the dulama, the traditional coat of the Macedonomachi, and experience aspects of the Macedonian Struggle through the dialogue with the exhibits that hide… surprises! At the end of the game, an authentic Macedonomachi code leads the children to the solution of the riddle.

Programme design – development: Persephone G. Karabati


μαθητές/τριες  της  Γ’, Δ’, Ε’, ΣΤ’ δημοτικού


3€/ανά μαθητή/τρια

Μέγιστος Αρ. Συμμετεχόντων:

25 παιδιά (ένα σχολικό τμήμα)

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