KEMIT does not only hold collections of Greek archives but also foreign archival material.

-Collections of US National Archives, which contain correspondence from the American Consulate in Thessaloniki (1870-1912)

Collections from the Quai d’Orsay (1871-1895, 1896-1910)

Collections from the UK Public Record Office, which contain correspondence from the British Consulate (1879-1911).

Collections from the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from many Austro-Hungarian Consulates of the Ottoman Empire (Bitola, Thessaloniki, Adrianople, Istanbul).

-Collections from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Correspondence with the Russian Consulate of Thessaloniki)

-Collections from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Correspondence from the Consulates of Thessaloniki and Bitola)

-The Kofos Archive. A collection of documents belonging to Εvangelos Kofos.

Documents related to the Macedonian Struggle. A donation from the General State Archives.

-The Archive of General Panagiotis Daglis. It contains the correspondence of P. Daglis with Macedonian Fighters during the period 1908-1909. A donation from the Ηistorical Αrchives of Benaki Museum.

-The Codex of Irineos, Metropolitan of Kassandria. It contains the correspondence of Kassandria Monastery (1907-1925).

-The Macedonian Struggle Archives. They contain reports of Macedonian Fighters. Donated by the General Staff and the Office of Military History.

-The Mallios Archive. The notebook of Commander Stefanos Doukas (aka Mallios).

-The Efthymios Kaoudis Archive. The memoirs of one of the most famous Macedonian Fighters.

-The Emmanuel Litinas Archive. The notebooks of the Macedonian Fighter Em. Litinas.

-The Mazarakis-Ainian Archive. Notebooks and correspondence of the Macedonian Fighter, Commander and organizer.

-The Aggeliki Metallinou-Tsiomou Archive.

-The Georgios Tsontos (Vardas) Archive. Notes and notebooks of the famous Macedonian Fighter from Crete.

-The Sotirios Misios Archive. It contains notes, correspondence and his certificate of participation in the Macedonian Struggle.

-The Christos Drystaris Archive. It contains his memoirs.

-The autobiography of Panagiotis Papanaoum.

-The Goethe Tzovaropoulos Archive. It contains his memoirs, notes, photographs and certificate.

-The Chrysostomos Kalafatis (Metropolitan of Drama) Archive. It contains his correspondence.

-The General Administration of Kozani and Florina Archive. It contains documents related to the Romanian Question during the 1930s, the Bulgarian immigration and Social Welfare in 1945.

-The Zachariades Archive (1950-1952).

-The Athanasios Souliotis Archive. The documents date back to the days when Souliotis was the Prefect of Florina. It contains his correspondence with various Ministries in Athens.

Μakedoniki Zoi periodical archive (donated by Nikolaos Mertzos). It contains the editors‘correspondence (1966-1983).

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