Educational activities

Educational activities for children

The educational character of every museum and the aim of enriching every educational institution includes the music pedagogy in every step of education by implementing programmes designed specially for children. The educational programmes are an alternative way to approach the cultural heritage but first of all to familiarize the children with the museum. The goal is the transformation of visiting a museum to an entertaining experience, promoting research, discovery, critical thought and creativity for every child.

The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle was the first in Thessaloniki to apply (in the mid 1980s) a special educational programme for children which was carried out -in the museum’s exhibition halls but also in the classroom- by a group of volunteers of the Greek Guiding Association. Our educational programmes are based on the conception of a museum where the culture is not only a part of an exhibition but it is also a subject of collective recreation and at the same time offers the opportunity to approach interdisciplinary concepts such as history, memory, communication, technology, multiculturalism and interaction.

The educational programmes are designed and implemented by scholars and experts from different academic fields (academians, historians, educators) under the supervision of Stavroula Mavrogeni (Associate Professor in the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies of the University of Macedonia and Director of the Research Centre for Macedonian History and Documentation).

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