Museum's Publications

The focus of the Museum’s publications is the Macedonian Question during the 19th and 20th century. Archival material, memoirs, notebooks of Macedonian Fighters, monographs about the military, political, social, cultural and economic history of Macedonia are only some of the subjects covered. Our publications also include many albums and special editions inspired by important historical periods and events, such as the Macedonian Struggle, the two World Wars, the death of Pavlos Melas etc.


Every year the Museum publishes a diary. The subject of each diary is related to various aspects of modern Macedonian history, and is not exclusively related to the Macedonian Struggle. The illustrations of each volume mainly come from the Museum’s collections and archival material. During the past years, collectors and important institutions of Greece have significantly contributed to the diary’s enormous publishing success, among them the Hellenic Parliament, the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, the National Historical Museum, the Centre for Asia Minor Studies, the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, the Society for Macedonian Studies, A. Haitoglou, I. Megas and A. Papaioannou.

Macedonian History and Culture Notebooks

The Macedonian History and Culture Notebooks are published twice a year by the Research Centre for Macedonian History and Documentation (KEMIT). They contain articles and studies which are related not only to the history of the Macedonian Question but also to wider aspects of the region’s history related to art, culture, society and education.

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