The Macedonian Struggle through the stories of Penelope Delta

A magical museum box transforms the classroom into a mysterious swamp. Dolls, games, constructions and many other things that jump out of the box, transport our young friends to the past. A visit to the Museum evolves into an exciting experience, through creative activities in all the rooms and the interactive acquaintance with the exhibits, where the children bring to life the objects of the exhibits and place them in the historical-folklore context of the exhibit. As they discover the Museum’s secrets, they enhance their active learning and critical thought, while at the same time becoming familiar with the stories of the figures of the Macedonian Struggle.

Programme design – development: Persephone G. Karabati


μαθητές/τριες προσχολικής ηλικίας –
Α΄ και Β΄ Δημοτικού


3€/ανά μαθητή/τρια

Μέγιστος Αρ. Συμμετεχόντων:

25 παιδιά (ένα σχολικό τμήμα)

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