Travelling through time on a quill and a... mouse!

"Travelling through time on a quill and a... mouse!"

Accompanied by the “quill of the Macedonomachi” and the information material of the Museum, the children receive and process, in groups, files with the 5 thematic units of the Macedonian Struggle (“The swamp of Giannitsa”, “Figures of the Macedonian Struggle”, “Pavlos Melas”, “The building of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle” and “Education in Macedonia”) in the classroom. They study the material, search for resources on the internet, prepare collages and theatre dialogues, short stories and poems or drawings, transforming the classroom into a research centre of creative activity! During their visit to the Museum, they now function as guides and present their subject, using the original material they prepared in the classroom, utilising the museum’s exhibits in an alternative way. Finally, the museum’s research centre (KEMIT) opens its doors and its archives and its historians guide the students in their quest to discover how new technologies can help the research process.

Programme design – development: Persephone G. Karabati


μαθητές/τριες Ε’ και ΣΤ’ Δημοτικού – Γυμνασίου και Λυκείου


3€/ανά μαθητή/τρια

Μέγιστος Αρ. Συμμετεχόντων:

25 παιδιά (ένα σχολικό τμήμα)

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